2 Sisters' Salsa Company Cajun Salsa 16 oz.

Enjoy the new Cajun salsa sensation today! 2 Sisters' Salsa is a hand-crafted salsa, made with fresh ingredients right here in Louisiana. It has a smooth, sweet taste that packs a bit of kick. It is more than just a side with chips...it also great for cooking!


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Option: Price Quantity
Cajun Salsa 16 oz. $6.99
Cajun Salsa Case: 6/16 oz. ($6.29 each) $37.75
Fiesta Salsa 16 oz. $6.99
Fiesta Salsa Case: 12/16 oz. ($6.29 each) $37.75
Jalapeno Salsa 16 oz. $6.99
Jalapeno Salsa Case: 12/16 oz. ($6.29 each) $37.75

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