Swamp Dust Cajun Crawfish Seafood Boil 2 lb.

Once you try our own blend, Cajun Crawfish (Crab & Shrimp) Swamp Dust Seafood Boil, you will be hooked on its unique flavor, which is second to no other seafood boil seasoning for flavor and heat. Just add enough to get all the heat you desire in your boiled seafood.

Swamp Dust is also available in other sizes: Swamp Dust

DIRECTIONS: For a half sack of crawfish (15-20#) pour 1/2-3/4 bag of Swamp Dust Cajun Crawfish Seafood Boil in boiling water. Return to boil for 6 minutes. Remove crawfish and place in an ice chest. Sprinkle with additional Swamp Dust to taste. Let steam in ice chest for 20 minutes. ENJOY!

Option: Price Quantity
32oz Each $5.89
Case: 12/32 oz (5.77 each) $69.24