Daigle's Cajun Sweet Pecan Garlic Sauce 12 oz

Daigle's Sweet Pecan Garlic Sauce

Try Daigle's Sweet Pecan Garlic Sauce on Wings, Ribs, Hamburgers, Shrimp, Fish, Veggies and more! Cajun Sweet Pecan Garlic has a light smoked pecan flavor, with a touch of garlic that will bring quite a unique sweet blend to your meat.

For "Knuckle Lickin'" results, marinade 30 minutes or more before grilling. Add to your grilled salmon, shrimp, or any seafood. Try on brisket, kabobs, venison, duck, wild game...you name it!

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12 oz. $5.63
Case: 6/12 oz. ($5.52 each) $33.12