Cajun Injector Jalapeno Butter Marinade Refill 16 oz.

"Zatarain's" Cajun Injector Jalapeno Butter Marinade

A delicious jalapeno marinade that combines a jalapeno flavor with Cajun butter and spices that will add a unique flavor to anything you can think of.  This Jalapeno marinade is a buttery concoction with just the right amount of spice. Marinates in only one minute, not hours. One Shot Does It! Spicy Marinade for Chicken, Pork, Beef, Turkey. 

Option Price Quantity
Refill $4.90
Refill Case: 6/16 oz ($4.41 ea) $26.46
W/Injector Case: 6/16 oz ($6.16 ea) $36.96
With Injector $6.84

Food Facility Certificate of Registration
Food Facility Registration Number: 17042667984