Kitchen Bouquet Browning Sauce 32oz

Bring delicious flavor and an appealing brown color to your meals with this Kitchen Bouquet 1 qt. browning sauce. A unique blend of vegetables, herbs, and spices, this browning sauce promises to add a rich, dark color and savory flavor to a variety of foods. Use to create a hearty gravy, great for topping turkey, mashed potatoes, or biscuits, or use in soups and stews to darken your broth to a more visually-appealing color and enhance its wholesome taste. You can even brush this sauce on your meats prior to grilling or broiling to enhance its roasted look, as well as to enhance the finished look of foods cooked in the microwave or slow cooker that may not be able to achieve that desired brown color on their own.

Option Price Quantity
32 oz $10.18