Kary's Dark Roux

Kary's Dark Roux is made in the heart of Cajun Country in Ville Platte, Louisiana. Roux is a mixture of flour and oil that acts as a thickening agent for a gumbo, stew, or soup. Roux normally takes hours to make, but Kary's Roux lets you skip that entire process of cooking a roux. Kary's Roux is made the homemade way of mixing vegetable oil and flour. It tastes just like a homemade roux, but without all that work! Use Kary's Roux to make gumbo, stew, bisque, and also to thicken gravies. 


*Includes a recipe for Gumbo on the product label. Use 8 oz. of Kary's Roux for a standard sized Gumbo. 

Option Price Quantity
16 oz. $4.05
32 oz. $6.85
Case: 12/16 oz. ($3.97 each) $47.64
Case: 6/32 oz. ($6.71 each) $40.26