Benoit's Sauce Piquant 32 oz.

Sauce Piquant (pronounced "sauce pee-kah-nt") is a Cajun Tomato Gravy.

Mr. Benoit has been cooking his famous Sauce Piquante since 1958. Benoit's Sauce Piquante is fully cooked... just add meat, seafood or your favorite vegetables and serve over rice. You can also use sauce piquant for other recipes like meatloaf, casseroles, cabbage rolls, meatballs and stews, and spaghetti or other pasta dishes. 

Option Price Quantity
Mild Sauce 32 oz. $7.60
Mild Sauce Case: 6/32 oz ($7.45 ea) $44.70
Spicy Sauce 32 oz. $7.60
Spicy Sauce Case: 6/32 oz ($7.45 ea) $44.70